Rhoda Agin

Does your voice or speech give the impression
you desire?

Do people pay attention when you speak?

When you communicate, do you get the results
you expect?

Your voice and speech say more about you than any other personal characteristic. Learn how to take advantage of your most personal asset.

Dr. Rhoda L. Agin designs customized vocal and speech training for your individual needs. The list of personal characteristics reflected by your voice is almost limitless. Professional speakers need volume, business executives need authoritative stress... announcers need resonance and precise articulation, singers need emotional range and endurance, businesspeople need authority, salespeople need persuasiveness.

Dr. Agin has worked with hundreds of individuals in a wide range of industries and professions --from faculty chairpeople, CEOs, and marketing managers, to opera singers, announcers, and sales associates. Whether you speak or sing to earn your living, or simply desire to improve those skills, Dr. Agin creates the tools that achieve your desired results.

Dr. Agin serves clients via coaching, therapy and training for a wide range of communication concerns in the New York City area by appointment.

SF Area 510-528-4188
NYC Area 212-537-0577
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