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This page contains links to other organizations and providers across the country that offer elaborations of common vocal disorders and treatments. These sites are offered as a courtesy. Dr. Agin welcomes your suggestions for links to include on this page. If you would like to suggest a site, or request a link exchange, please email us at

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American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

National association of over 100,000 speech-language therapists and audiologists. Resources for the professional, public and student interested in Communication problems. Source for certified speech pathologists, academic programs and communication disorders clinics nationwide, brochures, journals and other educational material on various speech and hearing problems, incidence statistics, testing and treatment references.

Examining for Laryngeal Reflux

Speech and language pathologists are applying the latest technology in diagnosing and treating patients (state-of-the-art digital stroboscopy with a distal chip camera endoscope). To aid in raising public awareness, Ms. Amy Moss recently examined a patient live on-air for television broadcast (use URL or hyperlink to First Coast News to view video of the broadcast). Demonstrating the essential role SLP plays in healthcare for voice, swallow, and airway, Ms. Moss typifies the modern pathologist in contemporary practice.

National Center for Voice and Speech

An interdisciplinary site dedicated to the study of the human voice and speech. Encourages and carries-out research on voice related topics. Includes a listing of the 200 most frequently prescribed medications and any known effect on voice and speech.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)

United States National Institute of Health poses and answers many questions regarding the evaluation and treatment of vocal abuse and misuse. Included are descriptions of vocal polyps, vocal nodules, and other vocal conditions.

The Voice Foundation

Interdisciplinary organization including singers, therapists and physicians who study and promote the understanding of the voice and improve its quality and care.

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